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Cross-Border Accounting dang_a October 11, 2021

Cross Border Accounting

Whether you are a US citizen living in Canada or a Canadian moving abroad, our team has the expertise to understand cross-border tax implications in order to strategically manage your personal and corporate taxation needs.

Tax Planning

We help with tax planning to minimize your overall tax obligations by eliminating double taxation in full compliance with the CRA and IRS.

Relocation & Immigration

Take the stress out of a cross-border move with the help of our relocation & immigration experts.

Specialized Services

Cross-border tax requires a specialized skill set. Dang & Co. has 20+ years experience in this complex environment and is best suited to handle all of your needs. 

Corporate Taxation

Navigate complex international taxes, minimize liabilities and meet complex cross border tax obligations.

trust and estate planning
Cross-Border Services

No matter which side of the border you call home, Dang & Co. can give you all the services and advice you need. 

  • US streamlined filing compliance procedure
  • US partnership consulting
  • US tax preparation
  • Relocation and immigration planning between Canada and US

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