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Trust & Estate Planning dang_a January 3, 2022

Trust & Estate Planning

Protecting your assets and personal property for the future can be a complex process. We can help you formulate the right estate plan that is aligned with your goals and priorities. 

Trust Income Tax Returns

We have encountered cases where one may not realize they have a trust, which can lead to future tax issues. Our firm can assist in preparing all necessary trust and financial individual tax returns to avoid financial strain in the future.

Trust & Estate Planning

Our Financial Advisors can help ensure that your trust arrangement aligns with what's important to you,  and ensure that your wealth is transferred in a beneficial and tax-efficient manner. 


Our team can assist with the administration of your trust or estate providing review of legal and financial documents.  Dang & Company has the experience to aid trustees and executors with compliance regulations and all administrative functions to ease the stress of the  trusts and estates process.  


A plan for the future

Our advisors can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that your assets and beneficiaries are protected. 

  • Evaluating your coverage
  • Reviewing ownership structures
  • Updating your beneficiaries
  • Planning for future taxes

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