Dang and Co at the Business Transitions Forum Randy Dang December 13, 2021
Dang and Co at the Business Transitions Forum

On November 24th, our Dang & Co team attended the 2021 Business Transitions Forum at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver. The purpose of this event was to provide key strategies from legal, financial and merger & acquisitions (M&A) experts.  Further insight was provided from business owners who have traveled down the transition path previously. We chose to attend this event so we could gain even more insight in how to better advise clients who are looking to grow and scale their business, transition through succession, or plan exit strategy. The forum also provided us with valuable tips on how to make smarter business decisions in general.

When going through a Merger & Acquisition, it's very important to have an advisor that can market your business to interested buyers, and negotiate the sale on your behalf. Our goal as advisors is to always achieve the very best possible outcome for you.

Business Transitions Forum, 2021

This was a fun and worthy event for us to attend as it confirmed our thoughts, methods, and procedures as well as arming us with information regarding current trends and strategies. The breakout seminars from special advisors were very informative.  Business owners who have previously been through ownership transitions provided insightful tips on their thoughts and feelings of the process, which will help us when advising clients.

Randy Dang

The Business Transitions Forum was an excellent professional development event, and we feel even more confident on how we can further help our clients succeed. It’s important to us at Dang & Co to stay up to date on the best ways to add value to your business. If you are looking to transition, or even just in need of advice on how to set yourself up for a more lucrative business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice.